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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nigel Allan: Newest Member to Lifewave Team!

LifeWave is proud to announce that Nigel Allan has joined the LifeWave executive team!

Another great addition to the LifeWave team!

The third major appointment to the Lifewave corporate team in one week can now be announced. LifeWave further strengthens its corporate team and international capabilities with the addition of Nigel Allan as Director of European Business Affairs to oversee and coordinate LifeWave's European expansion.

A seasoned veteran with twenty years' experience in the network marketing industry, not only has he built large distributor organisations in several countries, Nigel has also worked corporately and advised successful network marketing companies on both sides of the Atlantic, from compensation plan and new product development to distributor training.

Nigel joined LifeWave initially as an independent distributor several months ago and has been successfully building his own international network whilst assisting the company's entry into the European market.

In relinquishing his distributorship to corporately head up LifeWave's European operations Nigel says, "This appointment enables me to positively affect the lives of many more people by bringing my skills and experience to the table for the benefit of the company as a whole, rather than just a single group. Jim Rohn had a lot to say on the subject of service and in fact all I am giving up is the ability to render service to the few so that I can render service to the many. I look forward to helping Lifewave become the pre-eminent company in Europe."

Nigel's combination of field and corporate experience brings an invaluable insight into not only what works for a company but also what works for the distributor too.

Bio: Nigel Allan

Nigel began his marketing career working in London advertising agencies as a copywriter, composing ads for well known brand names. In 1985 he was invited to a presentation for a young health and nutrition company called Herbalife. He became fascinated with all aspects of network marketing and developed a love affaire with the industry that has endured till today. He credits his time as a distributor with Herbalife as giving him the foundation and some of the best network marketing training of his career.

After Herbalife, he went on to build an international organisation in several countries with UK-based personal care company building a team of around 15,000 in six different countries. This led to his launching a major Canadian-based company in the UK in 1992 breaking all current sales records for a new company launch in that market.

After moving to the USA, he was introduced to Enrich International, Utah, where he was invited to create and launch his own anti-aging, skin treatment brand called 'aeon', incorporating the world's first complete line of alpha hydroxy acids in combination with beta glucans and growth factors. This became so successful - because it was effective - that he was also appointed VP of Training for Enrich, travelling the breadth of the USA and Canada conducting workshops in addition to developing the sales and marketing materials and hosting a monthly satellite broadcast. During the next 18 months Enrich saw their sales increase from around $2 million dollars monthly to around $10 million monthly.

Returning to the UK, Nigel advised Cabouchon, the UK's most successful indigenous network marketing company to date, and was retained to re-brand and re-launch Elemis, a large natural, aromatherapy-based skin care company, whose products are now marketed in Harrods and top spas around the world.

After creating and launching his second skin care brand in 1998 called 'Isomer', uniquely based upon the emerging field of chiral or optically active compounds - another world first - Nigel was invited to the Faculty of Biotechnology in Turin, Italy to speak at a conference on the use of biotechnology in cosmetics.

Nigel's involvement in cutting edge skin care development has continued to this day although his main love continues to be the training and development of independent distributors via the network marketing model.

Nigel will be an invaluable asset in the next step in LifeWave's growth and development as a unique lifestyle and wellbeing company.

Nigel is married with three young children and lives just outside of London.


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