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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New to Lifewave!

New to Lifewave!

LifeWave is proud to announce that Stan Cottrell has joined the LifeWave executive team!

We are excited and you should be to!

Stan brings a world of experience and knowledge to the LifeWave team. This high-energy individual is a "doer". When introduced to the LifeWave advisory board, he advised them all to be ready to go on "turbo charge".

Stan is a noted athlete, public speaker, author of two books, and experienced in network marketing, especially regarding recruiting and product introductions.

Stan is joining LifeWave as Executive Vice President. His duties will include assisting in the launch of LifeWave into international markets, assist in the development of sales and marketing tools, to add further structure into the LifeWave Company, and to speak at public events such as conferences. Finally, Stan will also be involved in special projects pertaining to the LifeWave technology,

When asked why he joined LifeWave he stated: "As runner, I tried the LifeWave patches and found them to be a tremendous benefit to me. The patches are now a vital part of my training regime. As I investigated further, I became intrigued with the company and the technology. I quickly decided this was a great adventure that I wanted to be part of. By approaching LifeWave and asking to be involved, I am very fortunate to be here."

To learn more about this exceptional person, please "Google" the name, Stan Cottrell.

Stan Cottrell Bio

Business Executive, Author, Athlete, World Adventurer, Achiever

Stan Cottrell by all accounts is one of a kind. He wears many labels. As a business man he has held positions from entry level sales, product management, global sales and marketing executive to CEO and Chairman of the Board of cutting edge innovations in the world of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. He has many successful experiences from concept, research, development ISO 9000 protocols leading to FDA approvals and the European CE Mark.

His experiences in the world of network marketing began in 1968 and has included positions from national spokesperson to being instrumental in all phases of corporate development, national recruiting, and training. Stan cites and draws from 500 plus MLM companies that have approached him during this nearly forty business years as a basis of experience to help take Lifewave products prominently into the 21st century.

As an athlete Stan Cottrell is an internationally known ultra distance runner who has logged well over 175,000 miles of long-distance running during the past 50 years. His many remarkable accomplishments across 34 countries include a 12 country run through Europe, two runs across the United States, and a run across the People's Republic of China.

With a Bachelor and Master's degrees in health science and psychology, he is currently working on his doctorate in counseling. He has been a college instructor, coach, world adventurer, and author of two books, health care sales executive and the subject of seven films.

Stan has received many awards for his humanitarian efforts and has appeared as a featured guest on numerous local and national television programs. He runs an estimated 100 miles weekly and is a popular speaker at state and national health care and fitness conventions, sales seminars, schools, civic, social, and church organizations.

A native of Kentucky, he has resided in Tucker, Georgia for the past thirty years with his wife Carol. They have three grown children and two grandchildren.


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