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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Another Great Addition To The LifeWave Team!

Mike Collins: New to Lifewave!

LifeWave is proud to announce that Mike Collins has joined the LifeWave executive team!

Another great addition to the LifeWave team!

Mike is another great addition to the LifeWave management team. Mike brings a strong background in sales and marketing from disciplined environments such as Pepsi Cola Company. Additionally, Mike's network marketing experience will be invaluable as LifeWave takes another strong step in our growth and our desire to heavily support our LifeWave members.

Mike is joining LifeWave as Executive Vice President. His duties will include working with the LifeWave members, both domestically and internationally; to conduct leadership training with LifeWave members to help support and build their business; to assist in the development of marketing tools and programs; and to assist in LifeWave's launch into new foreign markets.

In coming to LifeWave, Mike brings his passion for network marketing and his solid executive management experiences together, and joins what is already a world class team.

Mike said, “I found out about LifeWave from a friend, and I went to a meeting to find out more. I was very impressed with what I saw, got some energy patches, and I was amazed to find that I felt an instant effect from this remarkable technology. I am convinced that LifeWave is a perfect combination of leading edge technology and a dynamic Network Marketing organization. When we bring that combination to people all around the world, and show them how to make their lives better and healthier, there’s nothing that can stop us.”

Bio: Mike Collins

Mike Collins is a proven, successful business professional with over 22 years of industry experience in the field of sales, marketing, and general management. His successes include developing and leading a team which far surpassed all revenue targets with Pepsi Cola Co.; leading the Taco Bell franchise organization through a major, multi-million-dollar expansion program; and leading Shaklee, then a troubled $200mm company, back to growth and profitability. While revenue growth has been a hallmark of his career, he has also been successful in teaching organizations how to accomplish more while spending less. He is an accomplished public speaker, a team-builder, and a strong leader.

Over the past 16 years, Mike has focused on the Direct Selling industry. While bringing many years of consumer products experience to the task, he quickly learned what makes Network Marketing unique, and led two large organizations to great successes through challenging times. His vast experience includes positions as Senior VP Sales and Marketing and Chief Operating Officer of both Shaklee U.S., and Excel Communications. He has also consulted with several small-to-medium sized companies, helping them successfully transition into larger businesses.

At Shaklee U.S., he took over as leader following several years of declining revenue and operating losses, and led the team to a dramatic turnaround in revenue, also delivering significant profitability. At Excel Communications, a $1b telecommunications company, Mike was named the leader of the team that Re-launched the business, a business that had been faltering in the previous two years. These successes, combined with a six-year tenure on the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Education Foundation have made Mike a well-known and respected leader in this industry.

Mike lives in San Diego, is married and has four children.


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