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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Introducing the LifeWave Hot Ice Thermal Patches

LifeWave Hot Ice Thermal Patches

Ideal for extreme sports including university, college, and high school athletes.

Provides relief for athletes with sore muscles, sprains, strains and other sports injuries due to intense exercise.

The new Hot Ice Thermal Patch™ from LifeWave is a unique nanotechnology product.
The unique nature of the patches provides the body with an immediate thermal effect.
As shown in the actual before and after pictures below, the reduction of "hot spots" is clearly evident.
Local thermal effects include the restoration of temperature in an injured area to normal; reduced pain, reduced inflammation, and restoration of range of motion to the specific injured site.
“Global" body responses include a reduction in muscle soreness throughout the body.
LifeWave patches have been found in studies to have excellent results with acute muscle spasms and injury, and chronic muscle spasms.
Infrared thermal imaging studies clearly show that LifeWave Hot Ice Patches ™ have both immediate local thermal effects on the skin as well as broader thermal effects that are mediated by autonomic nervous system control of blood vessel contraction and dilation.

When LifeWave Hot Ice Thermal Patches™ are placed on an athletes’ body over a specific region of injury both localized and more generalized thermal responses occur offering an overall thermal response much like hot and cold packs. This is all done with no chemicals, creams or medication as nothing enters the body and LifeWave Hot Ice Thermal Patches™ are non transdermal.


In 2005, LifeWave Hot Ice Thermal Patches™ were registered with the FDA as a medical device under the classification of a disposable hot or cold pack. As a result of ongoing research LifeWave Products, LLC has determined that LifeWave Hot Ice Thermal Patches™ are most properly defined as thermal patches that have both immediate local thermal effects on the skin as well as broader thermal effects that are mediated by autonomic nervous system control of blood vessel contraction and dilation.

The thermal effects of the patches defines LifeWave patches as having medical applications in athletic situations where hot or cold packs are indicated such as cramps, sprains, strains, tendonitis, muscle soreness, pain and bruises etc.

Infrared thermal imaging studies have clearly shown that LifeWave Hot Ice Thermal Patches™ are thermal patches that have specific medical applications.

Infrared thermal imaging has proven that LifeWave patches produce a thermal response over regions that are injured, strained, or in spasm. The response was such that LifeWave patches have a thermo regulating response on the body similar to cold or hot packs.

Friday, September 02, 2005

LifeWave to Help With Disaster Relief

LifeWave to help with Disaster Relief

Company Sponsors Program

When disaster of the magnitude of Hurricane Katrina strikes, people are eager to help. The victims need food, clothing and other goods to meet their basic needs. The phone calls have flooded into LifeWave wanting to know how we can help the affected families begin to replace what they have lost.

On Saturday, September 10th during lunch at the national convention in Las Vegas our leaders will be collecting funds for the American Red Cross.

David Schmidt has made the commitment that LifeWave will match the donations gathered that day.

The American Red Cross volunteers have been deployed to the hardest hit areas of Katrina's destruction, supplying hundreds of thousands victims left homeless with critical necessities. By making this financial gift to Hurricane 2005 Relief, the Red Cross can provide shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to those in need.

LifeWave funds will be presented to the American Red Cross on Sunday, September 11th.

Members join in: LifeWave Grass Roots Support Grows!

Thomas Burke, a LifeWave Member, is asking everyone to send 3 sets of patches (not sleeves, but just individual sets of patches) out of their own supply to:

Thomas Burke - Relief 561-776-9478 ThomasB@topnanobizop.com
401 Sea Oats Dr., Villa A
Juno Beach, Fl. 33408

Some distributors are sending more, but Thomas hopes for a minimum of three sets per Member.

Thomas is working with the Red Cross, WPTV-Channel 5, Doctors, and Pilots. The patches will be distributed directly to Emergency Response Personnel, flown in directly instead of it sitting in a warehouse to avoid delay. A log will be kept of all those donating and receiving the patches. Lifewave will also donate patches to this Thomas Burke program.

LifeWave Members are donating clothes and other needed items for the hurricane victims. Check your closets. We all have clothes that are good but no longer worn. What a better use for them than help others. Please give directly to your local relief efforts.

Ron Morefield has offered to contribute half of the profits from his new book ("Natural Energy Balancing) sold at the National Convention. Ron will also be happy to contribute $5 per book on behalf of Members who wish to contribute their convention discount to the relief efforts.

Many thanks to all! We have had many calls from our LifeWave family; concerned and wanting to get involved. Now we can all pull together.

LifeWave Support

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