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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rest Quit Sleep Patches

Rest Quiet Sneak Preview!

Learn all about Rest Quiet at the National including 3rd party independent research.

Did You know?

Rest Quiet promotes a restful sleep? Learn more about this on the Thursday night call - even David Schmidt is excited about his personal experiences.

The new packaging for Rest Quiet (and Energy Enhancer) will be launched at the National?

The Rest Quiet patch is now "blue" so you can easily differentiate the different patches?

Rest Quiet will be available to at the National and then through the website.

There will be show specials for Rest Quiet. Buy 2 and get a third FREE!

Our 3rd party independent research is showing Rest Quiet to be very effective.

Learn why one sleep expert said: "I have never tested a product as good as this in my 25 years of research."


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