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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

National Convention Update

National Convention Update

An early look at some of the many activities scheduled for the

National Convention

Learn about the patches from the best .. athletes, researchers, and special guest speakers.

All this and more at the Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas

Choose from many breakaway sessions. Pick and choose these events to increase your knowledge.

Learn from the experts in many fields including researchers, athletics, networkers.

Meet the leaders and learn how they can further help you!

Rub shoulders with some of the best minds in many divergent fields!

Learn about new products! We have a surprise for you on our next patch for 2006!

Buy products at special prices. Buy 2 and get the 3rd free!

Buy selling tools at special prices; including the new low cost SpectraVision!

Learn about new books and placement points.

There is something for everyone whether you are a Practitioner, a Networker, or just curious and want to learn more!

Here are a few of the many special guests who will be at this event!


Pat Burris Judo Olympian & Olympic head coach
Mike Gailey Soccer
Mike Hartman NHL Stanley Cup
Randy Jones Cy Young Winner
Tara Kirk Olympic - Swimmer (2004)
Bruce Mathison Football
Stephen Miller USA Senior International Weightlifting Coach
Todd Pierson The Metabloic Project
Cyle Sage World's fastest triathlon swimmer
Jay Saldi Super Bowl Winner
Rhonda Smith-Sanchez North Pole
Courtney Zablocki Olympic - luge


Dr. Dean Clark
Dr. Lauren DeRock
Dr. Reenah McGill
Dr. Homer Nazeran
Dr. Beverly Rubik, Phd
Dr. Frank Shallenberger

Guest Speakers

Rich Lang
Patrick Netter
Patrick Rettew

Special Guests

Karyn Chabot
Dr. Len Horwitz
Dr. Lexis Johnson
Patricia Kimsey
Dr. David Kamnitzer
Dr. Howard Peiper
James Stevens
Dr. Lee Woolley

Corporate Attendees

David Craig In House Graphic Design
Ana Daras Marketing Assistant
Bill Grand Director of Marketing & Operations
Meredith Garrette Customer Service Manager
Michelle Hanchey Events Coordinator
Warren Hanchey CFO
Steven Haltiwanger Director of Health & Science
Sagi Kalev aka: Mr. NanoMan
Ron Morefield Director of Information Technology
Richard Quick National Athletic Director
Ken Rasner Executive VP
David Schmidt CEO & President
Christie Sparkman Accounting/Pay Cards


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