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Monday, August 15, 2005

LifeWAve Research Update #3

Research Update #3 (With More to Come!)

Dr. Lauren DeRock, D.V.M.

An early look at a new study to be presented exclusively at the National Convention

Hear about the patches first hand from the Doctors and Researchers who have conducted the studies. All this and more at the Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas

Building for the future!

Only at the National Conference:

Dr. Lauren DeRock has completed a study of the action of LifeWave Energy EnhancerT patches on 142 horses. Her study has been submitted for publication to a Veterinary journal. She will discuss her methods of using the patches in horses and the exciting results of her study.

This research has not yet been published and will not be available for review except at the convention. It will be available on the website after published in a peer journal. We expect this to be in approximately 4 mths.

Bio on Dr. Lauren DeRock, D.V.M.

Dr. Lauren DeRock, D.V.M. is a licensed veterinarian in California; graduate of University of California at Davis. She has always had a deep interest in Alternative Medicine, attended IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society) in 1988, 1989 and received Acupuncture Certification in 1989.

Dr. DeRock practices exclusively Equine Acupuncture and Non-Force Chiropractic. An avid horse-woman and rider her focus is bringing everything together in the horse, for the best health and performance, including physical problems in the horse, correct trimming and shoeing, saddle-fit and riding techniques. She has worked with thousands of horses, and helped thousands of owners and trainers.

She uses LifeWave patches extensively in her everyday cases.

Look for our next research update coming soon! Learn about 5 more major research papers at the National Convention from well noted and respected Scientists/Researchers: including

Dr. Dean Clark, D.C.

Beverly Rubik, PhD.

Dr. Homer Nazeran

Dr. Reenah McGill, DOM., L.Ac. M.A.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD

Only at the National Convention You Say????

Learn about this research at the conference. These papers will not be not available on our web site for up to 6 month due to peer review publication requirements.

Come to the convention, enhance your knowledge, and learn new ways to promote your business using these studies.

Look for many specials. Save on Energy Enhancer, Rest Quiet, and Okalani Water

The excitement builds as new horizons open for us all!

There are just under 40 studies completed, being written up for publication, or in the process of being completed.

New studies are starting up.

The studies have been independently conducted by a highly respected group of researchers.

The research is being conducted across the US (and even internationally).

The studies are being or have been submitted for peer review in professional journals.

As they are accepted for publication, we are permitted to update you on the results.

The results have been excellent in every case.

This new data/research will open many new opportunities to the LifeWave Distributors.

You will be able to make new broader claims on current products that will give you new opportunities.

New products will come to market faster.

Tie this research in with the new international markets opening up and you have an extraordinary opportunity to grow with LifeWave.

(Remember, every new Distributor must be placed in someone's downline! What a great new opportunity for all our members of the LifeWave Team. The new research and international launch are going to strengthen all of us).

If you are not excited yet, the new papers being presented at the National Conference will really get you up and going. You will quickly realize that this opportunity is even more unique than we have been able to explain to you - up to now! Hear it first hand from the Doctors and Researchers.

This is a very exciting time for LifeWave and our members!

Join us at the National and realize the opportunities!

Build for the future!

LifeWave Support


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