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Saturday, August 06, 2005

About LifeWave Inventer David Schmidt

While conducting undergrad and masters studies at Pace University during the 1980's, Mr. Schmidt received a grant from a private corporation in New Jersey for the purpose of investigating new and alternative therapies for immunogenic and non-immunogenic neuroblastomas. This work was performed in conjunction with the support of the Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia, and resulted in the discovery of a new method for selectively targeting C1300 and TBJ cancer cells without harming the host’s cells.

Over the past 15 years, Mr. Schmidt has been a true innovator in the field of research and development. He has been credited with inventing such numerous intellectual properties as a biomimetic battery, organic plastic, novel ultrasonic probe designs, and new fuel cell anodes amongst others. He has not only developed new and patent pending methods for the production of Hydrogen gas on demand from water, but has also made contributions to the integration of these systems with multi-fuel combustion chambers and bladeless turbine engines.

In addition, Mr. Schmidt is responsible for pioneering work conducted on behalf of the Navy for new methods of Oxygen generation. As a result of his innovations, he was invited to be part of the design team for the Navy’s next generation submarine.

Amongst his awards, Mr. Schmidt has earned an honorary doctorate degree from the International Hall Of Fame for accomplishments in both genetics and metallurgy; he is also a former Board Of Directors member for NuPro Innovations, Inc., a publicly traded firm engaged in the sale of a proprietary metaphoric polymer.

At this time, Mr. Schmidt serves as President of LifeWave™ Products, LLC. He is the principal investigator and inventor of the LifeWave™ technology.


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