Friday, July 08, 2005


International Update

Please read carefully so we all are able to comply with each country's laws!

Sales for Personal Use Only

The following countries are open for personal sales only. The sale can be made with a signup, in lieu of a shopping basket sale, to secure a position in the down line. Public meetings and public advertising are not allowed in these countries. This does not preclude private in home meetings and private discussions.

South Korea
New Zealand
Hong Kong
South Africa
United Kingdom, includes Scotland and Ireland

Open for Full Distribution

The US, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands are fully open.


The Canadian Government wants an apparent minor modification to our business plan which we are trying to ascertain the scope of now. We have fulfilled their other requirements and are in the process of registering in the Provinces we would like to operate in. The time frame is still uncertain but there is a good chance we will be fully open in July or the first part of August.

The UK and Europe

Please be advised that you can begin full operation in the UK effective July 11th. This includes all aspects of Networking including public meetings.Please hold off on public advertising until after July 25th. We are ready to go except for a few tweaks on the website to comply with the UK laws. We are now updating the site.) England will have a functioning distribution center in July, which will service all of Europe. Lifewave Europe, LTD is now VAT tax registered. Additional European countries will be open when the distribution center is fully stocked and running smoothly for the existing countries now open. We will start with Lifewave Energy Enhancer followed by Rest Quiet. We will not add Okalani in the near future in Europe, or other parts of the world, due to the cost of freight. We are in long term planning on Okalani in these regions but will have to manufacture in the regions we are distributing in. We will likely link manufacturing to the distribution operations in regions outside the US.

South Korea

We are negotiating with a distribution partner in South Korea and expect to open by late August. All country approvals are reportedly in place.

Other Countries

When we are satisfied with the operation of our distribution centers in Europe and the Pacific Rim we will implement additional distribution in other regions such as Australia. We are also entertaining conversations with Mexico, Japan and Brazil.


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