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Sunday, July 17, 2005

In The Net Soccer Academy

In The Net Soccer Academy

Kids and parents ask me all the time if I know of any products that will help with performance and increase overall energy. As we all know, there are thousands of products out there making such claims yet how can we be certain those claims are justified? A trusted friend and colleague of mine has recently introduced me to LifeWave energy patches because of my crazy daily schedule and huge involvement with kids playing sports. With over 1,000 kids coming through my various year round soccer training programs, I thought I would try it due to my demanding coaching schedule. Being naturally skeptical as I hear about these types of things all the time, I did my due diligence and testing to find LifeWave as a really effective product to produce greater strength and endurance. Nothing enters my body whatsoever and it is completely natural. I believe it will enable athletes to train better and will help everyday people increase their energy, stamina, and performance in their daily routines.

I can honestly say that I felt a noticeable difference at the end of the day with my overall energy level. I also felt good about myself because there were no chemicals entering my body that may cause harm down the road. I was using something that is totally natural that enables me to perform better throughout the day.

Boys and girls, male or female, athlete or mom and dad, ages 12 and up, can use it, as this is truly safe and effective. Again, nothing enters your body and is completely natural.

Patrick Mulcahy, In The Net Soccer Academy, Merrimack, NH

Editor's Note: Patrrick has played professional soccer and works nationally and internationally with Olympic Teams from the US. Click below to learn more about his soccer programs and academy.


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