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Saturday, June 25, 2005

"My Search For That Missing Energy Was Over"

LifeWave: "... my search for that missing energy was over"

I have been weight lifting and wrestling for a number of years. I participate in the Empire State Games 187 lb division in wrestling and have won 22 medals, 10 of them gold.

I know I am physically in great shape and continue to do all the right things to stay that way. I eat right, drink lots of water and workout faithfully. Up until I was introduced to the Energy Patches the only thing I couldn’t do was find the energy after my lifting workouts to do other things including running or wrestling. Usually I was more interested in a good shower and rest.
I knew during and after my first workout with the patches that my search for that missing energy was over. I have consistently gained in every workout and after my workouts I workout some more.I highly recommend that if you’re introduced to this technology and amazing product that you try them before you make a decision. You have nothing to lose and the gain will surprise you.

Marty Wyckoff, High School Guidance Counselor


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