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Sunday, June 12, 2005

LifeWave goes to the North Pole

LifeWave goes to the North Pole

Rhonda Smith Sanchez, 5x Overall World Champion Windsurfer, and Kazuko Ikeda, Olympic Alpine skier, both took themselves way out of their comfort zone this past month. With temperatures and wind-chill factors that drained their body's beyond any elite level performances previously experienced, they counted on the patches to give them the boost to fully experience what is feels like to literally be on top of the World.

The expedition was a month long trip complete with dog sledding and trekking all capped off with being welcomed into the very illusive club to summit the globe. "The patches are like our US postal service, rain sleet or snow, they always deliver !", said Sanchez on her return to her tropical home in Maui. Ikeda echoed Sanchez's sentiments saying, " as my mind hits the wall, I can always count on that extra energy tank that only the patches can produce."

Once again, Team MPG is utilizing sports science to blaze exciting new routes to podium level performances. Excellence is a habit that can be learned in pursuing the details of squeezing every ounce performance from ones body and LifeWave enhances our capacity on a quantifiable level, bottom line, they work on every athlete we have tested them on.


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