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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Training For The Olympics With LifeWave

Courtney Zablocki Patches Up for 2006 Olympics!

My name is Courtney Zablocki and I'm a member of the US National Luge Team and 2002 Olympic Team Member.
My chiropractor introduced me to the patches a few weeks ago and although I was skeptical, I gave the patches a shot.
To give you a brief history about my luge career, I've been competing for 13 years and have had several injuries including a bulged disk that hasn't stopped bugging me for four years. When I wore the patches I didn't really feel a difference but, it was the 4th day when I wasn't wearing the patches that I noticed a huge difference. I couldn't believe the change I felt in my body with my improved energy. I was so surprised that I thought it was just a coincidence that I had felt so great. So, I tried the patches for another three days and I was able to tell that the patches gave me more of a boost!
I can do back extensions and yoga moves wearing the patches that I have never been able to do before now!
I will continue to use the patches and I know they will help me make the next Olympic Team in 2006. I am now a true believer and a distributor. Courtney Zablocki


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