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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Personal Trainer's Story

Meet Charles Paden: Personal Trainer

I am a retired NYC Police Officer. For the last 7 years I have worked as a Personal Trainer and Spinning Instructor. (Spinning is a group class on stationary bicycles with music and simulates an outdoors bike race.)
First of all I would like to say that I was a bit skeptical about the LifeWave Energy Enhancer Patches. I have seen many products that made claims to improve stamina and overall health and well being. Honestly most of the juices and pills that I have used in the past did not work on me, nor did they work on anyone I know. What peaked my initial interest was reading about nanotechnology.My sponsor sent me a weeks supply of the patches and I immediately put them to work. I proceeded to do a strength test, push ups to fatigue without the patches. I completed 30, and at the age of "40 something" and two shoulder surgeries, that's not to bad. I placed the white patch on the inside of my right shoulder and the brown patch on the inside of my left shoulder. After 8 minutes I proceeded to do my second set of push ups. To my astonishment I was able to complete 45. I conducted the test on my wife and she completed 6 without the patches and 12 with the patches.
I am a Spinning Instructor at Elite Health and Fitness Clubs here in NYC. I teach a very intense cardiovascular Spinning Class. Normally after I teach a difficult Endurance Class or Race Day Class I feel the lactic acid build up. Marathon runners call this hitting the wall. The LifeWave Energy Patches has increased my endurance and I no longer feel a depletion of glycogen. And I no longer feel the lactic acid build up which causes muscle fatigue.
I will never teach a Spinning Class again without the LifeWave Energy Patches unless I am working in the Recovery Zone with a heart rate of 50%-65%.Charles Paden, New York City


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