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Sunday, May 29, 2005

LifeWave Management Team

Would you like to have your opinion count as much as anyone else? We think so too, and that is why no one on our executive staff has an assigned job title - only a job responsibility. The difference is that we have built a group of professionals who function and perform as a team instead of individual players. The end result is better service and less red tape for our distributors.

David Schmidt

David is the inventor of the LifeWave™ Technology and keeps his focus on promoting product awareness and product information among the distributor network. David spends his time during the week making sure that the executive staff at LifeWave™ is meeting the needs of the distributors and his weekends out on the road conducting opportunity seminars on the LifeWave™ technology. David's experience in product development and business span 20 years; his involvement in a north Georgia think tank resulted in numerous new technologies including new methods for Hydrogen and Oxygen production and multi-fueled power generators. David first started working on the LifeWave™ phenomena 10 years ago however it was not until about 5 years ago that he realized that this technology, if properly developed, could be a passive patch for communicating with the human body. After 3 years of independent research David produced a working prototype of LifeWave™ and is happy to make this technology available to you.

Steven Smith

Steven is an incredibly dynamic speaker, motivator and business builder. His core philosophy is to empower those that simply desire to be successful so that everyone may benefit from each others success. Steven's contribution to LifeWave™, as master distributor, is to assist the marketing directors and distributors in building a strong network with long term stability and strength.

Ronald Morefield

Ron is a truly remarkable individual with expertise in computer science, physics, business operations, and healthcare. Ron was invited to be part of the LifeWave™ executive staff because he brings something very unique to the company: while he has managed the business operations for successful computer companies he is also an author and acupuncturist!It was Ron that first discovered that the LifeWave™ technology could be utilized to stimulate acupuncture points more effectively than needles or other methods and as a result became intrigued as to the enormity of this discovery and technology.Ron is responsible for managing the corporate network marketing software as well as coordinating the information with customer service, order fulfillment and manufacturing.

William J.H. Grand

Bill has over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and promotion. He has been involved in dozens of product launches.Over the past 15 years Bill has built a successful company of his own that takes products produced by manufacturers and then finds viable means for distribution and sales. This experience makes Bill an enormous asset to LifeWave™.Bill is responsible for coordinating the marketing and promotion efforts of the distributors as well as providing you with the materials that will make you successful such as a high quality and professional training manual, brochures, audio tapes, DVD's, product packaging and trade show materials.

Dr. Steven Haltiwanger, MD CCN

Dr. Steve is a visionary by any standard. His formal training is as a medical doctor and clinical nutritionist. Doctor Haltiwanger trained with the world famous physician and researcher Dr. Hans Nieper shortly before Dr. Nieper died in 1998. For the last six years Dr. Haltiwanger has educated physicians all over the world about Dr. Nieper's research and inventions. Dr. Haltiwanger has also formulated many nutritional supplements based on Dr. Nieper's mineral transporters. While performing due diligence for a LifeWave™ investor, Dr. Steve had the opportunity to investigate the LifeWave™ phenomena. After a careful review of the research material available Dr. Steve concluded that LifeWave™ was the most exciting technology that he had seen and that he had to be a part of it.Dr. Steve performs numerous and important duties by being a part of the LifeWave™ executive staff. He conducts seminars to educate the distributors on the science of LifeWave™, he provides support to the network on sports related opportunities that arise, and he provides assistance to the network on opening channels into the alternative healthcare market.


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