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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

LifeWave FAQ

Product Questions and Answers

1) How does LifeWave work if nothing enters the body?
It is believed that the LifeWave Technology in the patches communicates with the body through the human magnetic field. This is known as frequency modulation and resonant energy transfer. For a detailed explanation please take the LifeWave TOUR.

2) What are in the patches?
The patches contain a patent pending blend including amino acids, water, Oxygen and organics applied to a polyester substrate and sealed inside a polymer shell. All active ingredients are listed under FDA 21 CFR and are recognized as safe.

3) Is this a transdermal patch? What goes in the body?
Nothing enters the body; LifeWave IS NOT a transdermal patch. This is a completely new science and new approach to energy, performance and stamina.

4) Is LifeWave safe to use?
All active materials in LifeWave are listed by the FDA under 21 CFR and are recognized as safe; LifeWave is manufactured at FDA registered facilities. If you have a health condition or are in doubt please consult your doctor before using.

5) What should I feel when wearing LifeWave?
You probably will feel nothing. LifeWave IS NOT a stimulant like caffeine or ephedra; What you should notice is very constant and stable levels of energy during your day. If you are performing an athletic activity you will be able to measure improvements in how many reps of an exercise you can perform or how long you can exercise without getting as fatigued.

6) Has LifeWave been clinically tested?
Yes, LifeWave has been clinically tested at major universities. Double blind placebo controlled studies prove that LifeWave gives you increases in energy and stamina in as quick as the first use.

7) How long should I wear the patches?
It is recommended that you wear the patches for 12 hours a day or less.

8) How often should I wear the patches?
For best results use the patches either A) every other day or B) 4 days on and 3 days off; unless instructed otherwise by your doctor.

9) Is there a minimum age recommended for the use of the patch?
While we believe our product to be safe and effective we only sell our product to adults.

10) How do I keep the patches from falling off?
The LifeWave patches use the same adhesive as used in other"band aid" type products. Sweat and body oils directly effect the ability of the adhesive to grip to the skin. The skin should be clean and dry for general application. This will satisfy most users. Football players apply the patches to the wrist and then tape the wrists to insure that the patches stay in place. Swimmers clean the application spot with alcohol and then apply the patches. The most common application spot is in the "corner" where the shoulder/collar bone come together. Other heavy users (eg: high sweat sports) use wrist band to hold the patches in place.


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