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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ease of Use and Effectiveness

Within the first two weeks of using the LifeWave Patches, I noticed a significantly positive increase in my cardiovascular abilities. The ease of use and effectiveness are the two characteristics that have created my confidence in this product. As a test of my own, I tried the patches on a few of my Black Belts. After an hour and a half of strenuous workout, each student did his/her maximum amount of pushups, applied the patches and waited three minutes, then continued pushups and 4/5 students were able to complete more than 10% more pushups. Another test consisted of one of my Instructor's wearing the patches during an Aerobic Kickboxing class. After this 800 calorie workout, the Instructor felt as though he could teach another Aerobic Kickboxing class.

My own experience consisted of my workout during a Black Belt Class. During an hour of sparring I was able to maintain my physical exertion at the same level as I began the class with.Looking over at the other Instructors and students in the class, I noticed that everyone was winded and their energy level was decreasing. I felt that the patches aided me in my cardiovascular output and in my body's recovery time between opponents.

This result was very impressive to me and reflecting upon my experience and my students' experiences with the product; I feel confident about the effects and look forward to sharing this with others in the future.

Brian D. Manna, International Master Instructor, Hall of Fame inductee, FBI San Diego Citizen Academy Graduate 2005


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