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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

83 Year Old Uses LifeWave

Still Hanging Around At 83

I am an 83 year old, relatively healthy, active single woman. And I pay attention to complaints from my body. My daughter brought me a one-week trial packet of LifeWave patches. During that week of going about my usual activities I became aware of subtle but amazing changes in how my body was functioning:1. My daily stretching exercises made me feel more awake and lighter.2. The most pull-ups I could do while hanging from my ankles on my Gravity Hanger increased from 10 to 15 the first day, to 20 the second day, and to 26 at the end of the week. This increased my pulse rate and broke a light sweat, but it also produced a feeling of more energy being available.3. I could use the stairs to my third floor apartment without needing the hand rail even at the top.4. Folding my arthritic spine in and out of my car was not accompanied by groans of stiffness.5. Standing up from a firm chair required only one attempt, instead of leaning far forward and heaving upward.6. I had much better balance when walking the few blocks to local services, and my feet articulated much better.7. My energy level does not diminish in the late afternoons, nor do I fall asleep if I sit down intending to read.
8. How could I not order my first month's supply of patches by next-day mail?


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