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Monday, November 21, 2005


London Daily Mirror

21 November 2005

Becks'fresh bid to boost energy

By Jilly Beattie and Andy Lines

DAVID Beckham has been wearing small stickers on his chest to boost his fitness levels as the World Cup approaches.

During games the 30-year-old Real Madrid star has the patches positioned on key pressure points, they work by releasing amino acids which stimulate the body to slowly pump out extra energy, according to the makers.

Becks and his Real team-mates are the first in Europe to experiment with the patches called Lifewave energy boosters.

The stickers are widely used by sports stars in America and were introduced to the Spanish club by president Emilio Butragueno.

A Real source said: "These men are athletes, but even athletes get tired especially when they're playing at world-class level.

"Using the patches has helped boost their own natural capabilities and the joy is that there are no chemicals in them."

Lifewave's European director Nigel Allan added: "I'm not surprised Becks uses the patches, because they work.

"They're a natural product that increases energy by up to 40 per cent. They enable the body to release it steadily and for longer. They contain no chemicals, no toxins, in fact nothing from the patch even enters the body."

But experts are sceptical about the patches. American Academy of Medical Acupuncture chief Dr Bryan Frank called on the makers to explain exactly how they work and doubted the claim nothing enters the body. He said: "When you say amino acids, that could be anything. It sounds like a vague description because they don't want to say what it is.

"It would not surprise me to see sporting federations ban that type of thing unless the company comes forth with specific data showing exactly what it is."

Acupuncturist Dr Joseph Acquah added: "The question is whether it's stimulating the body's electrical field. I've never seen a scientific study that shows you can use amino acids to change electrical currents."

The patches may boost energy but they clearly do not make stars play any better - as Becks and his team found out on Saturday night when they were thrashed 3-0 by Barcelona.

Perhaps Beckham's energy has been drained recently while he has been teaching wife Victoria to drive her £55,000 BMW in busy Madrid.

She was nervous about being on the wrong side of the road, but last week 31-year-old Posh was spotted driving the motor without her tutor for the first time. A source said: "Victoria has David to thank for getting her back on the road."

Thursday, November 17, 2005

LifeWave Makes TV News

Visit this website to watch:


Nigel Allan: Newest Member to Lifewave Team!

LifeWave is proud to announce that Nigel Allan has joined the LifeWave executive team!

Another great addition to the LifeWave team!

The third major appointment to the Lifewave corporate team in one week can now be announced. LifeWave further strengthens its corporate team and international capabilities with the addition of Nigel Allan as Director of European Business Affairs to oversee and coordinate LifeWave's European expansion.

A seasoned veteran with twenty years' experience in the network marketing industry, not only has he built large distributor organisations in several countries, Nigel has also worked corporately and advised successful network marketing companies on both sides of the Atlantic, from compensation plan and new product development to distributor training.

Nigel joined LifeWave initially as an independent distributor several months ago and has been successfully building his own international network whilst assisting the company's entry into the European market.

In relinquishing his distributorship to corporately head up LifeWave's European operations Nigel says, "This appointment enables me to positively affect the lives of many more people by bringing my skills and experience to the table for the benefit of the company as a whole, rather than just a single group. Jim Rohn had a lot to say on the subject of service and in fact all I am giving up is the ability to render service to the few so that I can render service to the many. I look forward to helping Lifewave become the pre-eminent company in Europe."

Nigel's combination of field and corporate experience brings an invaluable insight into not only what works for a company but also what works for the distributor too.

Bio: Nigel Allan

Nigel began his marketing career working in London advertising agencies as a copywriter, composing ads for well known brand names. In 1985 he was invited to a presentation for a young health and nutrition company called Herbalife. He became fascinated with all aspects of network marketing and developed a love affaire with the industry that has endured till today. He credits his time as a distributor with Herbalife as giving him the foundation and some of the best network marketing training of his career.

After Herbalife, he went on to build an international organisation in several countries with UK-based personal care company building a team of around 15,000 in six different countries. This led to his launching a major Canadian-based company in the UK in 1992 breaking all current sales records for a new company launch in that market.

After moving to the USA, he was introduced to Enrich International, Utah, where he was invited to create and launch his own anti-aging, skin treatment brand called 'aeon', incorporating the world's first complete line of alpha hydroxy acids in combination with beta glucans and growth factors. This became so successful - because it was effective - that he was also appointed VP of Training for Enrich, travelling the breadth of the USA and Canada conducting workshops in addition to developing the sales and marketing materials and hosting a monthly satellite broadcast. During the next 18 months Enrich saw their sales increase from around $2 million dollars monthly to around $10 million monthly.

Returning to the UK, Nigel advised Cabouchon, the UK's most successful indigenous network marketing company to date, and was retained to re-brand and re-launch Elemis, a large natural, aromatherapy-based skin care company, whose products are now marketed in Harrods and top spas around the world.

After creating and launching his second skin care brand in 1998 called 'Isomer', uniquely based upon the emerging field of chiral or optically active compounds - another world first - Nigel was invited to the Faculty of Biotechnology in Turin, Italy to speak at a conference on the use of biotechnology in cosmetics.

Nigel's involvement in cutting edge skin care development has continued to this day although his main love continues to be the training and development of independent distributors via the network marketing model.

Nigel will be an invaluable asset in the next step in LifeWave's growth and development as a unique lifestyle and wellbeing company.

Nigel is married with three young children and lives just outside of London.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Another Great Addition To The LifeWave Team!

Mike Collins: New to Lifewave!

LifeWave is proud to announce that Mike Collins has joined the LifeWave executive team!

Another great addition to the LifeWave team!

Mike is another great addition to the LifeWave management team. Mike brings a strong background in sales and marketing from disciplined environments such as Pepsi Cola Company. Additionally, Mike's network marketing experience will be invaluable as LifeWave takes another strong step in our growth and our desire to heavily support our LifeWave members.

Mike is joining LifeWave as Executive Vice President. His duties will include working with the LifeWave members, both domestically and internationally; to conduct leadership training with LifeWave members to help support and build their business; to assist in the development of marketing tools and programs; and to assist in LifeWave's launch into new foreign markets.

In coming to LifeWave, Mike brings his passion for network marketing and his solid executive management experiences together, and joins what is already a world class team.

Mike said, “I found out about LifeWave from a friend, and I went to a meeting to find out more. I was very impressed with what I saw, got some energy patches, and I was amazed to find that I felt an instant effect from this remarkable technology. I am convinced that LifeWave is a perfect combination of leading edge technology and a dynamic Network Marketing organization. When we bring that combination to people all around the world, and show them how to make their lives better and healthier, there’s nothing that can stop us.”

Bio: Mike Collins

Mike Collins is a proven, successful business professional with over 22 years of industry experience in the field of sales, marketing, and general management. His successes include developing and leading a team which far surpassed all revenue targets with Pepsi Cola Co.; leading the Taco Bell franchise organization through a major, multi-million-dollar expansion program; and leading Shaklee, then a troubled $200mm company, back to growth and profitability. While revenue growth has been a hallmark of his career, he has also been successful in teaching organizations how to accomplish more while spending less. He is an accomplished public speaker, a team-builder, and a strong leader.

Over the past 16 years, Mike has focused on the Direct Selling industry. While bringing many years of consumer products experience to the task, he quickly learned what makes Network Marketing unique, and led two large organizations to great successes through challenging times. His vast experience includes positions as Senior VP Sales and Marketing and Chief Operating Officer of both Shaklee U.S., and Excel Communications. He has also consulted with several small-to-medium sized companies, helping them successfully transition into larger businesses.

At Shaklee U.S., he took over as leader following several years of declining revenue and operating losses, and led the team to a dramatic turnaround in revenue, also delivering significant profitability. At Excel Communications, a $1b telecommunications company, Mike was named the leader of the team that Re-launched the business, a business that had been faltering in the previous two years. These successes, combined with a six-year tenure on the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Education Foundation have made Mike a well-known and respected leader in this industry.

Mike lives in San Diego, is married and has four children.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New to Lifewave!

New to Lifewave!

LifeWave is proud to announce that Stan Cottrell has joined the LifeWave executive team!

We are excited and you should be to!

Stan brings a world of experience and knowledge to the LifeWave team. This high-energy individual is a "doer". When introduced to the LifeWave advisory board, he advised them all to be ready to go on "turbo charge".

Stan is a noted athlete, public speaker, author of two books, and experienced in network marketing, especially regarding recruiting and product introductions.

Stan is joining LifeWave as Executive Vice President. His duties will include assisting in the launch of LifeWave into international markets, assist in the development of sales and marketing tools, to add further structure into the LifeWave Company, and to speak at public events such as conferences. Finally, Stan will also be involved in special projects pertaining to the LifeWave technology,

When asked why he joined LifeWave he stated: "As runner, I tried the LifeWave patches and found them to be a tremendous benefit to me. The patches are now a vital part of my training regime. As I investigated further, I became intrigued with the company and the technology. I quickly decided this was a great adventure that I wanted to be part of. By approaching LifeWave and asking to be involved, I am very fortunate to be here."

To learn more about this exceptional person, please "Google" the name, Stan Cottrell.

Stan Cottrell Bio

Business Executive, Author, Athlete, World Adventurer, Achiever

Stan Cottrell by all accounts is one of a kind. He wears many labels. As a business man he has held positions from entry level sales, product management, global sales and marketing executive to CEO and Chairman of the Board of cutting edge innovations in the world of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. He has many successful experiences from concept, research, development ISO 9000 protocols leading to FDA approvals and the European CE Mark.

His experiences in the world of network marketing began in 1968 and has included positions from national spokesperson to being instrumental in all phases of corporate development, national recruiting, and training. Stan cites and draws from 500 plus MLM companies that have approached him during this nearly forty business years as a basis of experience to help take Lifewave products prominently into the 21st century.

As an athlete Stan Cottrell is an internationally known ultra distance runner who has logged well over 175,000 miles of long-distance running during the past 50 years. His many remarkable accomplishments across 34 countries include a 12 country run through Europe, two runs across the United States, and a run across the People's Republic of China.

With a Bachelor and Master's degrees in health science and psychology, he is currently working on his doctorate in counseling. He has been a college instructor, coach, world adventurer, and author of two books, health care sales executive and the subject of seven films.

Stan has received many awards for his humanitarian efforts and has appeared as a featured guest on numerous local and national television programs. He runs an estimated 100 miles weekly and is a popular speaker at state and national health care and fitness conventions, sales seminars, schools, civic, social, and church organizations.

A native of Kentucky, he has resided in Tucker, Georgia for the past thirty years with his wife Carol. They have three grown children and two grandchildren.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

LifeWave As An Alternative to Steroids -- The NAPA Program

NAPA Program overview:

NAPA is a program that is endorsed by former and current professional athletes who are educating athletes around the world about staying off steroids and giving them alternative solutions for sports performance. We use Lifewave products as a healthy alternative to harmful illegal performance enhancers.

NAPA will help assist our distributors to get business opportunities with high schools, colleges and professional teams with it unique usage of the athletes involved. We will help with opening the doors to these teams, with the closing of the business and support after you have the business. We offer a very unique way for any distributor to be involved with current and former professional athletes. As a NAPA distributor, you will be on a true team that will use the efforts of top current and professional athletes to help you gain access to and close business from teams around the U.S. and Canada.

Anti-Steroid Program LLC consists of former professional and Olympic caliber athletes and coaches. Some of the partners for the NAPA program are as follows:

Richard Quick: 6 time US Women’s Olympic Swim Coach and former Head Coach at Stanford University

Joe Cribbs: Former NFL player for the Buffalo Bill’s

Byron Williams, Former NFL and CFL player

Lee Rouson, Former NFL player with NY Giants

Andrew Zow: Former quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide

Mike Gailey: Former Professional Soccer Player

Mitch Ross: Professional Strength Coach

Jim Long: Former US/Olympic Track and Field Decathlete

As a NAPA distributor you will receive:

30 High School region with no competition

2 NAPA booklets and 1 new booklet for every new school

NAPA website (1 site for all distributors not replicated sites)

Sales Training Support

1-A Closing support from NAPA and athletes:
Possible closing help examples:

a. Phone calls from athletes
b. DVD with athletes for presentation
c. Letters to coaches from athletes
d. NAPA website

1-B Distributor support
i. Training and meetings done by corporate support and athletes
ii. Area Directors will have ongoing connection with NAPA corporate support
1-C Customer support center
1-D Computer systems for ongoing support of member institutions.

Ongoing Training for all NAPA Area Directors

For information, please contact NAPA directly at 770-875-6929


NAPA (Non-transdermal Anti-steroid Program for Athletes) is a program endorsed by former and current professional athletes and coaches who are educating athletes around the world about staying off steroids while giving them alternative solutions for sports performance. We use Lifewave products as a healthy alternative to harmful illegal performance enhancers. Our program and support will allow our representative the ability to reach and educated athletes around the world through sports organizations while creating a viable business opportunity.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Introducing the LifeWave Hot Ice Thermal Patches

LifeWave Hot Ice Thermal Patches

Ideal for extreme sports including university, college, and high school athletes.

Provides relief for athletes with sore muscles, sprains, strains and other sports injuries due to intense exercise.

The new Hot Ice Thermal Patch™ from LifeWave is a unique nanotechnology product.
The unique nature of the patches provides the body with an immediate thermal effect.
As shown in the actual before and after pictures below, the reduction of "hot spots" is clearly evident.
Local thermal effects include the restoration of temperature in an injured area to normal; reduced pain, reduced inflammation, and restoration of range of motion to the specific injured site.
“Global" body responses include a reduction in muscle soreness throughout the body.
LifeWave patches have been found in studies to have excellent results with acute muscle spasms and injury, and chronic muscle spasms.
Infrared thermal imaging studies clearly show that LifeWave Hot Ice Patches ™ have both immediate local thermal effects on the skin as well as broader thermal effects that are mediated by autonomic nervous system control of blood vessel contraction and dilation.

When LifeWave Hot Ice Thermal Patches™ are placed on an athletes’ body over a specific region of injury both localized and more generalized thermal responses occur offering an overall thermal response much like hot and cold packs. This is all done with no chemicals, creams or medication as nothing enters the body and LifeWave Hot Ice Thermal Patches™ are non transdermal.


In 2005, LifeWave Hot Ice Thermal Patches™ were registered with the FDA as a medical device under the classification of a disposable hot or cold pack. As a result of ongoing research LifeWave Products, LLC has determined that LifeWave Hot Ice Thermal Patches™ are most properly defined as thermal patches that have both immediate local thermal effects on the skin as well as broader thermal effects that are mediated by autonomic nervous system control of blood vessel contraction and dilation.

The thermal effects of the patches defines LifeWave patches as having medical applications in athletic situations where hot or cold packs are indicated such as cramps, sprains, strains, tendonitis, muscle soreness, pain and bruises etc.

Infrared thermal imaging studies have clearly shown that LifeWave Hot Ice Thermal Patches™ are thermal patches that have specific medical applications.

Infrared thermal imaging has proven that LifeWave patches produce a thermal response over regions that are injured, strained, or in spasm. The response was such that LifeWave patches have a thermo regulating response on the body similar to cold or hot packs.

Friday, September 02, 2005

LifeWave to Help With Disaster Relief

LifeWave to help with Disaster Relief

Company Sponsors Program

When disaster of the magnitude of Hurricane Katrina strikes, people are eager to help. The victims need food, clothing and other goods to meet their basic needs. The phone calls have flooded into LifeWave wanting to know how we can help the affected families begin to replace what they have lost.

On Saturday, September 10th during lunch at the national convention in Las Vegas our leaders will be collecting funds for the American Red Cross.

David Schmidt has made the commitment that LifeWave will match the donations gathered that day.

The American Red Cross volunteers have been deployed to the hardest hit areas of Katrina's destruction, supplying hundreds of thousands victims left homeless with critical necessities. By making this financial gift to Hurricane 2005 Relief, the Red Cross can provide shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to those in need.

LifeWave funds will be presented to the American Red Cross on Sunday, September 11th.

Members join in: LifeWave Grass Roots Support Grows!

Thomas Burke, a LifeWave Member, is asking everyone to send 3 sets of patches (not sleeves, but just individual sets of patches) out of their own supply to:

Thomas Burke - Relief 561-776-9478 ThomasB@topnanobizop.com
401 Sea Oats Dr., Villa A
Juno Beach, Fl. 33408

Some distributors are sending more, but Thomas hopes for a minimum of three sets per Member.

Thomas is working with the Red Cross, WPTV-Channel 5, Doctors, and Pilots. The patches will be distributed directly to Emergency Response Personnel, flown in directly instead of it sitting in a warehouse to avoid delay. A log will be kept of all those donating and receiving the patches. Lifewave will also donate patches to this Thomas Burke program.

LifeWave Members are donating clothes and other needed items for the hurricane victims. Check your closets. We all have clothes that are good but no longer worn. What a better use for them than help others. Please give directly to your local relief efforts.

Ron Morefield has offered to contribute half of the profits from his new book ("Natural Energy Balancing) sold at the National Convention. Ron will also be happy to contribute $5 per book on behalf of Members who wish to contribute their convention discount to the relief efforts.

Many thanks to all! We have had many calls from our LifeWave family; concerned and wanting to get involved. Now we can all pull together.

LifeWave Support

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